What is Smart Mobile Data Packs?

The Smart Mobile Data Packs Offer presents a value added service where a customer(s) can enjoy internet browsing by opting in for a cost effective pack of data at reduced (tiered) rates as opposed to using the default PAYG rate.

Send 6MB to '333'1,2003
20Send 20MB to '333'4,0007
100Send 100MB to '333'16,00014
500Send 500MB to '333'70,00014
1024Send 1GB to '333'100,00030
2048Send 2GB to '333'160,00030
10240Send 10GB to '333'550,00030

Benefits of Smart Mobile Data Packs Service

With Smart Mobile Data Packs customers will enjoy uninterrupted browsing by having the option to subscribe to any of the above packs based on their needs.

How does Smart Mobile Data Packs Service work?

The service is to be offered on an Individual subscription basis by means of subscription via SMS using specific keywords for each pack sent to short code 333.

  • Create profile name SMART
    • APN = smart
  • To check your data balance = *131#
  • If your data runs out before the validity period, you have to buy more data by SMS to 333.
  • If you don’t use your data before the validity period, you’ll loose your data