What is Smart Mobile Friends & Family?
The SMART MOBILE Friends & Family is a service for its subscribers as a value added feature offer that enables every subscriber to be able to choose 5 numbers that will be assimilated into a group under the primary subscriber number and be given a one way preferential rate (50% discount of normal rate) between The primary number calling any of the secondary numbers

Benefits of Smart Mobile Friends & Family
With SMART MOBILE Friends & Family, you get an enriching service that make your life a whole lot better, such as:

  • Discounted call rate to 5 registered numbers at 50% discount of normal rate.
  • Discounted SMS rate to 5 registered numbers at 50% discount of normal rate.
  • End of Call notification to inform you of your call duration, total call cost and balance.

How does Smart Mobile Friends & Family work?
Subscriber can access this service via IVR on short code 222.
A one-time subscription fee of Le 10,000 will be levied for this service. Subscriber can only have 1 set of 5 numbers in his/her group.
To change a number within a group, subscriber is charge at Le5, 000 for each change/modification done. i.e. subs changes 3 of initial 5 existing F&F numbers hence 3 x 5,000 = Le 15,000.
To Remove/delete a number from group is FREE subscriber calls Customer care for such request to be forwarded to billing timeline for deletion – 24 hrs.
To unsubscribe is FREE.
Note: During the night time charges are also halved at 50% discount to F&F numbers.