Getting Started
SIM Activation

You will find SMART number on the SIM Card frame.All SMART Mobile users have distinctive numbers starting with 44.

To activate the service,you phone must be switched on and the battery charged.

  1. Gently slide your new SIM card into your call phone.
  2. Enter SIM code found on the SIM card frame.

Numbers To Remember

111Customer Care
222Service Activation
Call 222 or *124#Smart Top Up
Call 222 or *125#Check your balance
*126#Find out your our your number
*130#Check your Bonus account
*131#Check your Data Balance
Frequency Ask Questions
How to know my number?
Dial * 126# press OK you will receive a flash message that shows number.
How to check Data volume?
Dial *131# press ok
You will receive flash message that will have your available bonus and validity of your account.

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Call 111
SMART Mobile team is always just a call away.Call for assistance or if you have any question about our services.