Can I have a preferred number ?

Yes you may have a preferred number on Smart Mobile BUT only if the number has not been sold to another customer. For number reservations, please call 111 or visit any of our shops for further enquiries.

How do I subscribe to the Friends and Family Service?

Simply Dial 222 and choose option 5

How do I transfer credit?

Dial *127*the amount*the recipient number# and press ok/send
There should be no space in-between the characters
Eg to send Le 5,000 to 044111111, dial *127*5000*044111111# and press ok/send
you will receive a notification confirming successful transfer

How do I check my number?

Dial * 126# and press ok/send. You will receive a flash message that shows your number.

How do I check my bonus account balance?

Dial *130# and press ok/send

How do I check my 3G Data Pack balance?

Dial *131# and press ok/send. You will receive a flash message that will show your 3G Data Pack Balance and its expiry date.

What are COMBO Bundles?

In relative terms, the COMBO Bundle is a short word for “COMBINATION OF SMART MOBILE SERVICES”. This product we provide offers attractively discounted combinations of the three traditional telecom products of Voice Minutes (On-net and Off-net), SMS (On-net and Off-net) and 3G Data.
Please see the chart below for more details and how to subscribe to the COMBO Bundles

Bundles (MB)SMS Count (On-net & Off-net)Voice (On & Off Net) MinutesDiscounted Combo PriceValidity (Days)To SubscribeCustomer Savings Per Bundle
1111115,5557send COMBO 11MB to SC 333Over 30%
2222229,99914send COMBO 22MB to SC 333Over 30%
333333333,33314send COMBO 33MB to SC 33350%
1GB30077111,11130send COMBO 1GB to SC 333Over 30%
5GB500150333,33330send COMBO 5GB to SC 333Over 20%
10GB1,000300555,55530send COMBO 10GB to SC 333Over 30%

How do I purchase 3G Data Packs?

Send the keyword of the 3G Data Pack needed to the short code 333
Eg. if you want to buy 6 Megabytes of 3G Data, you send ‘6mb’ to 333.
Please see the chart below showing the different 3G Data Packs and keywords required for subscription

Send 6MB to '333'1,2003
20Send 20MB to '333'4,0007
100Send 100MB to '333'16,00014
500Send 500MB to '333'70,00014
1024Send 1GB to '333'100,00030
2048Send 2GB to '333'160,00030
10240Send 10GB to '333'550,00030

Please note below:
Prices per 3G Data Pack may change from time to time. Terms and Conditions apply.

What happens if I do not have any credit on my SIM card?

When your Smart Mobile credit balance is zero, you can only receive calls.

If you do not recharge your Smart Mobile account for 90 days, your number will become Inactive and can only receive calls for another 60 days after which, your number will be de-activated and can not make or receive calls.

If you are in the ‘De-active’ state and want to continue to use your number, please visit any of the Smart Mobile Shops to have your number activated.

What is the pre-loaded airtime (top-up) for the new Smart Mobile SIM card?

You will find Le 5,000 in your new SIM card to make Voice Calls or Send SMS to both Smart and Other Subscribers.

How do I check the credit balance on my number?

Option 1

  1. Call 222 and press 2;
  2. The voice prompt will tell you your available credit level and the validity period of your account.

Option 2

  1. Dial *125#
  2. You will receive a flash message showing your available credit and validity period of your account.

How do I top up airtime to my number?

By using a SMART Mobile scratch card or the SMART Mobile e-voucher service you can recharge your number. These options are available at any SMART Shop, Retailer outlet or distributor.

SMART Card (Scratch card)

Option 1

  1. Scratch off the security panel on your SMART Card to reveal the 12 digits number;
  2. Call 222 and press 1 to refill your account;
  3. Enter the 12 digits code of the scratch card and enter #;
  4. The voice prompt will tell you your new credit balance;
  5. You will receive an SMS indicating your new credit balance.

Option 2

  1. Carefully scratch the foil from the card to reveal the secret 12-digit number;
  2. Call *124#, then enter the secret 12-digit number and confirm your request;
  3. The airtime credit will be transferred to your account instantly;
  4. You will receive an SMS indicating your new credit balance.

SMART Mobile E-Transfer

  1. Find a local SMART dealer and request for the needed amount of airtime.
  2. The Dealer will transfer the needed amount of airtime credit from his dealer account to your number in no time. You won’t need any card and it works no matter where you are.

What happens if I enter a wrong PIN number?

After 3 unsuccessful PIN code entries, your SIM card will automatically be blocked for security reasons.

You can unblock it by using your PUK code (8-digit) found on the SIM card frame.

It is important that you enter the PUK correctly. If a wrong PUK is entered 10 times, your Smart Mobile SIM card will be permanently blocked to protect your account. You will have to purchase a new Smart Mobile SIM card with a new phone number if this happens.

If you have forgotten your PUK code, please call the Smart Mobile Customer Service Center on 111.

How do I activate my new Smart Mobile SIM card?

1. Gently slide your new Smart Mobile SIM card into your mobile phone;
2. Call 222 to activate the service.

* You can make your PIN more secure and personal by changing it when you log on to your phone.