Smart Mobile presents “Freetown Uncut”

Over the last five years “Freetown Uncut”, an exceptional collection of very talented young vocalists, instrumentalists and producers from Freetown, Sierra Leone, have been working to enable the many talented Sierra Leonean musicians with the opportunity to practice, perform and record their musical endeavours. We are very excited with the outcome of these extraordinary talents!!
The lack of a country support structure for musicians prevented the expansion of “Freetown Uncut” work. The local talent were struggling with:
• Access to rehearsal space and instruments was a huge challenge.
• The opportunity to earn a living from music was limited. Clients didn’t know how to contact performers, organising events was expensive and there was no one to represent the rights of artists.
• The quality of recording studios was very low, usually based in someone’s house with basic outdated equipment.
• Promoting themselves was difficult due to the lack of reliable internet connections or the capital to organise traditional advertising.
SMART Mobile believes in supporting the local Sierra Leonean talent. Music transcends to the roots of all Africans. Frequently, many forget that promoting talent ensures a future for the younger generation in Sierra Leone. Through the support of SMART Mobile “Freetown Uncut” now have their own studio space, instruments, sound systems and the ability to hire their artists full time. By doing this we have given these young musicians the resources to focus on developing their music, the ability to organise their own concerts and the facilities to properly promote themselves. We have supported the infrastructure for young Sierra Leoneans to create sustainable, long term careers with limitless aspirations. However, we are only the catalyst! The music and the talented individuals sell themselves!
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