Smart Mobile Strengthens Partnership with the Survivor Dream Project – Women Who Survived Ebola

The Survivor Dream Project supports Sierra Leonean women who have survived Ebola .The key focus of the project enables women to integrate back into society. The project is geared towards supporting women by enhancing their needs either by providing them skilled training or creating varied support structures for Ebola survivors to complete their education.
The Survivor Dream Project targets twenty (20) women from various disciplines of life. As a start, the focus is nurses, students, widows and business women .The project hopes to reach many more women who are Ebola survivors in the near future.
Smart Mobile Sierra Leone has always supported Ebola survivors as part of its corporate social responsibility. Sometime last year, Smart Mobile was among the first responders attending to the basic needs of survivors by providing food items and clothing to Ebola survivors at Hastings and 34 Military hospital.
To assist The Survivor Dream Project, SMART Mobile has donated 25 mobile phones and 25 Closed User Group lines.
SMART Mobile Sierra Leone (Intergroup Telecom LTD) is a subsidiary of Time turns Holdings Limited which has Telecom Interests in Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo. SMART Mobile Sierra Leone commenced operations on the 28th of March 2014 and is the most recent milestone in the group’s expansion on the African Continent.
At Smart Mobile Sierra Leone, we are committed to making the basics of life simple. A simple need such as connecting people in our customers’ lives should be hassle-free so all can enjoy and build relationships with ease. Trust, Friendliness and Professionalism are what we stand for. We aim to provide our customers with the best service experience. We strive for customer satisfaction while using our products and services.
We currently provide our customers with access to mobile services in Freetown City, the peninsular area and Makeni with 3 state of the art customer service centers and over 1,200 retail outlets.
Our goal is to become the best telecom service provider in Sierra Leone and we are passionately committed to creating a new quality benchmark for telecommunication services in Sierra Leone.
Smart Mobile will expand its network beyond Makeni enabling all Sierra Leoneans to enjoy quality telecommunications services country wide and with excellent customer care. Smart Mobile is dedicated to providing a unique service experience and giving our customers quality telecommunication services and value for money.
Smart Mobile, Be Smart!