Friends and Family

Smart Friends and Friends Service is a value added feature offer that enables every subscriber to be able to choose 5 numbers that will be assimilated into a group under the primary subscriber number and be given a one way preferential rate (50% discount of normal rate) between The primary number calling any of the secondary numbers…read more>>

Call Conferencing

Smart conference call is a service in which the calling party wishes to have more than one called party listen in and participate in the audio portion of the call…read more>>

Call Waiting

This is a call management service whereby someone making a telephone call is notified of an incoming call on the line that they are already using, and is able to place the first call on hold while the second is answered…read more>>

Credit Transfer

Credit transfer is an airtime-sharing service. To send airtime/top up to mobile phones of your loved ones, friends and family from your own phone as long as you have enough airtime in your main wallet…read more>>

SMS Messaging

Communicate via SMS to loved ones friends and family either on-net or off-net. Any more than 160 characters (including spaces) would be counted by our SMSC as 2 SMS’s sent and billed accordingly…read more>>